13,800 people received financial assistance

For five consecutive months, we have been working in frontline areas to implement a multi-sector humanitarian assistance project and support populations affected by conflict. In partnership with World Vision International, we successfully registered over 16,000 individuals, with 80% already receiving financial assistance of 10,800 UAH. This is an interim achievement as the project continues until August.

For the team at NGO ‘Responsible Citizens,’ this mission has been challenging. Operating in communities near the conflict line involved inherent risks. Nevertheless, we persisted to enable local residents to register.

‘Given the conditions in the eastern regions of the country, providing direct financial aid to the population has become imperative to support thousands of families. We have been collaborating for many years with local authorities and international partners on this front. This time, we managed to support 13,800 people, a significant percentage of whom are children, adolescents, and the elderly,’ says project director Enrique Menendes.

It’s worth noting that the project ‘Multi-Sector Humanitarian Assistance to Conflict-Affected Population in Ukraine (2023-2024) – BHA’ had specific requirements concerning the vulnerability categories of beneficiaries.

Currently, no new registrations are being conducted.

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