About the project

Responsible Citizens

Responsible Citizens

NGO Responsible Citizens is a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting civilians in difficult life circumstances and implementing projects that aim to develop and improve the lives of people in Ukraine.

We began helping people in June 2014.
Our main areas of focus include:

- Humanitarian response initiatives.
- Psychosocial support programs for children and adults affected by the war.
- Educational projects for children, youth, and adults.
- Programs to build and develop career opportunities.
- Organizing educational and cultural events.

Responsible citizens stands for humanity, neutrality, impartiality, independence and transparency.

Where do we help?

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We deliver aid to people living in frontline communities, where thousands of vulnerable individuals remain. Many of these are families with children who require special attention and support.

These communities face ongoing issues with access to water, lack regular energy supply, and experience communication problems that prevent children from accessing remote education. Additionally, there is limited access to quality healthcare, pharmacies, and government services. Most frontline communities require constant help and support.

Our activities focus not only on providing direct humanitarian aid to vulnerable individuals but also on creating new opportunities. This includes implementing educational programs designed for both internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local residents. These educational projects primarily aim to equip people with new skills and specialties, enhancing their employment prospects.

Psycho-emotional support for those affected by the war is also a crucial component of the programs we carry out in eastern Ukraine.


Who are we helping?

Since 2014, we have been focusing on internally displaced persons, families with children, lonely elderly people, disabled people of all groups, pensioners, people who for various reasons have been unable to work, etc. The NGO “Responsible citizens” has a wide range of programs to cover various types of support for the population in need.

  • Victims of hostilities
  • Social institutions
  • Temporarily displaced persons
  • Children
  • Vulnerable categories of population

How to help

Every day, thousands of people need various forms of assistance. Striving for a decent life is a shared goal for everyone who considers themselves a responsible citizen. If you have the opportunity and the desire to join our cause and support our projects, we welcome you to get involved. Together, we can make a difference. Join us!

  1. We provide assistance exclusively to civilians.
  2. Our team operates in frontline communities.
  3. Our mission is to support those facing difficult life circumstances.

How do we help?

  • Direct assistance with goods and services

    Direct assistance with goods and services

    The team of the NGO Responsible Citizens provides people in need with medicines, hygiene products, clothing, bedding, special medical equipment, books, children's clothing, and much more. In partnership with international organizations, we also provide direct financial assistance to people in vulnerable categories.

  • We help you get access to
to healthcare and education

    We help you get access to
    to healthcare and education

    Since many families do not have the opportunity to receive regular medical care and preventive care, we organize
    access to medical care for families with children. In particular, in frontline communities. We expand opportunities for children, youth and adults to receive additional education and useful knowledge.

  • Organizing mine risk education

    Organizing mine risk education

    Together with our partners, we organize lectures for children of all ages, IDPs, public utilities and companies whose employees work or live in eastern Ukraine.

  • We provide educational services

    We provide educational services

    We offer various educational opportunities for children, teenagers and adults. These are useful trainings where participants acquire the necessary skills for further employment, learning English, or organizing retraining courses to help people who have lost their jobs for various reasons have more opportunities to support themselves.

  • We provide psychosocial support

    We provide psychosocial support

    Psychologists and art therapists are constantly providing support to families with children and people in need. We organize special mobile teams that work in four regions in eastern Ukraine.

Development of the Project

Development of the Project
  • Start of the organization's activities

    New categories of people in need of assistance have emerged that our state has never had to deal with before: temporarily displaced persons, people who have lost their homes, and residents of communities directly affected by hostilities.

  • Project registration

    The number of socially vulnerable citizens was high even in peacetime. After 2014, the social situation in eastern Ukraine deteriorated very quickly, and there was a need to systematically help civilians.

  • Activities

    The organization, in cooperation with international partners, implements support programs.

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