Launching new project Lives 3.0

Our team has launched a new project, LIVES 3.0, which will cover four regions in Eastern Ukraine. The project is implemented under the same-name program in partnership with Mercy Corps and with financial support from the UK government.

Cash Assistance

First and foremost, constant contact and feedback with communities allow us to identify the urgent needs of people and ways to address them. Therefore, as part of the project, multi-purpose cash assistance will be introduced, targeting 6,000 residents of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions. Announcements with detailed conditions for receiving assistance will be available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates on our official communication channels.

Employment Support

Another aspect of support will be helping those who have lost their jobs. The program covers all willing individuals of working age from 18 to 59, with special attention to women aged 45 to 59. We provide the opportunity to acquire new skills and select courses or training sessions based on personal interests. Additionally, we are organizing a series of Career Guidance Trainings for residents in the project’s coverage regions. These trainings will offer practical skills in resume creation, self-presentation, and interview preparation. In response to demand, we have also included legal and psychological consultations for participants in the training program.

Educational Services

Another component of the project will be educational services. These will include soft and business skills training for educators who can teach teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 24. Such skills are essential for youth career guidance and career preparation.

LIVES 3.0 – Local, Inclusive, and Multifaceted Emergency Assistance for the Population Affected by the War in Ukraine

Follow the announcements of all registrations and events through our social media pages.

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