Head of the Board of NGO “Responsible Citizens” Olga Kosse participates in Leadership Training for NGO Leaders

The Slovak organization Hekima recently hosted representatives from 25 leading Ukrainian NGOs in Košice, all of whom are actively engaged in the humanitarian field. Over the years, the Hekima team has been dedicated to developing professional support practices for public activists in Europe, making significant contributions to the humanitarian sector. This initiative is being developed in partnership with the Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia and the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan.

This year, the Chairwoman of the NGO “Responsible Citizens,” Olga Kosse, was among the invitees to the week-long leadership seminar in Košice.

“The effectiveness of the public sector today holds tremendous importance and influence over processes in the country’s humanitarian sector. Hence, it’s crucial to bolster our capabilities and maintain our growth trajectory. The extensive experience and management practices shared in this comprehensive seminar program, prepared by our international partners, promise long-term benefits for the sustainable development of our organization. This helps enhance our professional competencies and adaptability to new challenges, ensuring the highest efficiency in our work,” says Olga Kosse.

The seminar, led by teaching teams from the WDI at the University of Michigan and Cornell University, covered topics such as improving organizational efficiency through proper work-life balance, team support and motivation, external communications, and practical aspects of developing leadership skills and creative thinking, which are essential for successful project management in the humanitarian sector.

We extend our gratitude to Hekima and the team at University of Michigan for their unwavering support of the public sector in Ukraine.

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