How we work in frontline communities of the Donetsk Region

Speech therapy sessions, psychological consultations, and social worker support continue to be provided in the frontline communities of the Donetsk region. Since the start of the project by the UNICEF Representative Office in Ukraine, implemented by the NGO “Responsible Citizens,” over 8,000 families with children have received support.

“This work is extremely important, especially for residents of communities near the conflict line. Through Child-Friendly Spaces and mobile psychosocial support teams, we help children and their families maintain mental health and develop despite the difficult circumstances,” comments Oksana Ivatiina, project coordinator in the Donetsk region.

Currently, due to safety concerns, group activities have been suspended. The format has changed, but the project continues. You can seek consultation by calling the hotline at +38 (066) 567 00 16.

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