Completed the educational project ‘Building resilience through development’ in partnership with World Vision International

The NGO “Responsible Citizens” team successfully implemented this project across four regions in Eastern Ukraine. We managed to reach individuals who had lost their jobs and were eager to learn a new profession, as well as teenagers and young adults who wanted to improve their English proficiency and comprehensively enhance their professional skills. Specifically, the project included training sessions on soft skills, which help individuals adapt to any profession, and business skills for those intending to start their own businesses and wanting to gain knowledge in areas such as accounting, taxes, marketing, and more.

According to the project’s criteria, participants had to be at least 14 years old, with the oldest participant expressing a desire to acquire new knowledge at the age of 58.

“Our team was particularly focused on ensuring that people of various ages from remote frontline communities had access to education and new knowledge. This was a fundamental principle for us. Given the circumstances, we prioritized involving internally displaced persons in our educational programs. However, local residents of the communities also had the opportunity to participate in our project. We can confidently say that, based on the results, this project has become the largest since 2022 in Eastern Ukraine,” emphasized Enrique Menendez, Project Director of NGO “Responsible Citizens.”

For more details on the outcomes of our work in partnership with World Vision International, watch the video.

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