Тоненькое Украина Ответственные граждане привезли помощь детям
Ray of light in the darkness
We stopped appreciate what we have.

Work for food or nowadays reality.


Yelena is bringing up three children. Through the military conflict the family had to leave their native home. Before the conflict they were living in Shakhtersk city. Taking only the most necessary things they went to Russia.

Through the migration service dispense, Yelena together with her kids got into the hostel for the most vulnerable categories of population. For one year and a half the mother of three children was working on the harvest in the field covering practically only the place in the hostel and the most ordinary food options. All these time children were sitting at home, not visiting nor kindergarten neither school.

In total desperation, Yelena decided to return home, but the hose in Shakhtersk appeared to be not suitable for living already and they had to move again. Now the family is living in Respublika village. Since March 2016 the IDP still has now social payments and support.

When we came with the humanitarian assistance to them it appeared that they even had no linens and only to towels for four(!) persons. Stationary, books, clothes, for which we are grateful to the OKKO petrol company and Julia Derbentseva, came in handy. Older children have gone to school and the youngest daughter went to kindergarten.

Now Yelena is still trying to solve the problem with documents and find a place to work? But the process goes on very slowly.

We will continue to support this family. It is very sad that children should go through all this what they don’t deserve.

Ulyana Yegorova.

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