Work for food or nowadays reality.
Children in Semigorye are playing in the dust from roads.

We stopped appreciate what we have.


Today, along the demarcation line, there appeared to be thousands of people who are on the age of surviving. These are the villages and cities where there are no pharmacies even. Not everyone has an access to the drinking water, and the bread is brought here ones a week. People, mostly, here are doing their best to survive without governmental support. They are uniting in communities and help each other.

Having seen this, you become ashamed for your government which is not capable to provide normal life conditions for its own citizens. You become ashamed for each who is caring only about his/her own comfort and wellbeing. We always want more. We are attracted with new device models, brand clothes, expensive restaurants and delicious food. We have stopped appreciate what we own.

But luckily, still there are people who are not indifferent towards others’ misery. Those who are taking active part in easing of fate of those who have suffered.

I am very grateful to those who takes part in charity action from OKKO company, and also to Olga Gladnieva, Julia Derbentseva, Nadia Petryk. Through your support we have managed to provide clothes to the beneficiaries in such cities and villages as Maryinka, Krasnogorovka, Staroignatovka, Kamyenka.

The saying is true: the brighter people are better seen in the darkest times?

Ulyana Yegorova

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