There is no perspective for the boys to go somewhere for the vacation – there is not enough money even to survive
When the autumn comes 270 pupils will be able to do sports on the physics lessons

We are looking for baby carriage for two.


Future mama from Avdeevka have asked us for help. Maryna is waiting for twins and she requires baby carriage.

Before the war Maryna was working at the railroad car shed. When the fighting started she became unemployed. The shed appeared to be on the non-government controlled side.

Maryna is living with her mom. From the end of 2014 and the whole 2015 year they actually were living in the basement hiding from the shelling. It is more quite this year.

It is rather hard to find any job in Avdeevka now, they are surviving through the small household – their own garden and goats.400 x 400

Maryna is waiting for twins. She will bring up her kids on her own. She urgently requires baby carriage for two.

There is no money. And there is no such baby carriage in Avdeevka. The last time when the twins were born there was 5 years ago.

If you have baby carriage for two which you do not use already you can help future mom from Avdeevka.

Please, contact with our Facebook group’ administrator or write a comment to this post.

Also, you can help through this massage sharing!

Thank you all in advance!
Viktoriya Antonova

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