We are collecting books for children from Zacevo village!
Ирина из-за войны переехала из Донецка в поселок Селидовского района - Кураховка
Families united with the war.

We are continuing to help Slavik and his family.


Life makes some people go through the hard life examinations and you unwillingly want to take part of them to make life of such people a little bit easier.

Because, it is not about goodness or help providing – it is about justice.

For example, Slavik. We have already written about him.

Slavik is an orphan.

Since his childhood he suffers from arthritis. He likes to read about space very much.

I think sometimes that I hope Slavik does not evaluate that he has no chances to get there. Space trip! Even to get out of the hose for a little walk – is a hard exhausting trip for him!

He lives with a foster family in Avdeevka. So, aside from all mentioned above, not even leaving the city, he appeared to be at war.

And, in the end, there is a problem with the place of his residence. The “Khrushevka” flats have started to break down. No one, as before, cares about residential areas. And every night these areas are shaking from shelling.

In the house where Slavik lives the roof started to weep. Just right above his flat. We have visited the roof. There was not only land in the wholes and cracks – something has already planted through this land this spring!

The Slavik’s foster family was ready to make the repair with their own hands but could not effort themselves to buy necessary materials.

But the world is not without good (very good) people.

We want to thank Igor Kovalchuk. He is one of our constant benefactors and, in this specific case, he provided money concretely for the purchase of repair materials.

We are grateful to Igor and to everybody who supports peaceful people, who go through the very hard life times.
Yevgeniy Shybalov.

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