Дети о войне
“Children at war”
We are continuing to help Slavik and his family.

We are collecting books for children from Zacevo village!


Several IDPs families have applied to us with unusual, for the war time, request.

We were asked to assist in children’s development.

Those families had to live their homes in Gorlovka city and come to the nearest Zaycevo village. Since one year and a half of war, the IDPs have settled down to the new place and are trying to provide themselves through their own efforts. The main problems are – food and hygiene – were solved. But there appeared a problem on children’s development.

Being on the front-line, people appeared to be separated from the surrounding world. There are no Internet in the village and no libraries. It densely populated with military people. There are not much children there, so the children’ circle of contacts consists, mainly, from parents, neighbors and military people.

Moms want to help children to see the world and find out about its variety. To show that, aside from the war and horror which they go through, there are much more interesting and beautiful things. To help them to find a new ways of communication, even if it will be with fictional characters.

We need books to help them. Any books. Starting from ABC books for kids and ending up with a literature. Any developing books and toys, which can help children to open something new.

If your child is already grown out of such books as mentioned above, and those books are covering with dust somewhere on you shelves, you can provide them to the children of Zaycevo village. Aside from the books they require some developing games, toys and sports equipment.

If you want to help Zaycevo citizens, please, contact us through our hot-line: (066) 56-700-16, or through the personal message to any of our Facebook’ group moderators to agree on books and toys providing. Also, you can send the parcels through the “New Mail” (“Novaya Pochta”) delivery company to the next addresses:

– department No. 1, h. 19, Yubileynaya str., Kramatorsk;

– department No. 239, h. 9a, Alexander Myshuga str., “Poznyaky” subway station, Kiev.
Dmitriy Shybalov

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