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Ira and her three little kids

We are back.

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We are back.

To our work – to help people. On the territory of Donbass.
At war.

After the events, you all are familiar with, we have spent some time in Kiev. During this time, we have been thinking about many things but we have understood one for sure – that our place is not here. But there, at the Donbass. Our work is not finished. The war is going on at our home, people are suffering and dying there. It means we can’t afford ourselves just to spend time in comfort and safety.

It is very surprising but we are back to the point where we have started: small group of enthusiasts which is driven by the will to do anything useful. We do not have any office again and almost no resources.

But we have something much more valuable – friends, likeminded people, partners and people, who trust us and support us with donations and just good words. Thank you all, it is very important for us.

“Responsible Citizens” go again to the most dangerous places – “red zones” or, how they are called from this side, “grey zones” – territories close to the front-line.

Because people there appeared to live in the most tough conditions.

Reports on our work, as usually, will be published here on our web site and in our groups on Facebook  and  Vkontakte .


Yevgeniy Shybalov


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