“Responsible citizens”. Report on January 2017
“Responsible citizens”. Report on January 2017
Children from Druzhkova are getting ready to the new charity auction

Visiting library


Do you remember during the school years how pleasant it was to stay for tea after the classes?

Warm talk, the cup of cacao and table games guaranty you good mood. So we decided to conduct the library in Maksimilyanovka village. Together with the pupils of the senior classes the Responsible citizens had a great time!

- So guys, which table games do you know?
- Bingo… Cards… Chess… Domino…

We have broken the stereotypes the youth had!

“Alias”, “Cockroach-salad”, “Dixit” and “Saboteur” had become the opening of the year for the newly-born players. Guys couldn’t even imagine that the time spent around the table can be such active and fun.

The “Cockroach” was the starter for the further cheer!

The “Saboteur” - is rather complicated game that needs team-work skills and basics of acting. But not surprisingly, the pupils of the eight’s grade only through the one play round had managed to get in love with this game! The game with words “Alias” sometimes looked like an old good “Crocodile” – when there were not enough words to express something there were used body moves.

Loved by many “Dixit” game had helped to develop the abstract thinking and reveal creativity!

The artistic atmosphere was created under the support of musicians-beginners from Kramatorsk. Two guitar’ players, Sereja and Sergey had performed their favorite songs. They had also played “Guess the melody” game. The pupils were guessing the name of the song and performer after hearing some part of the well-known melody.

The children are already asking when the game-library will visit them again. And the teachers are already searching the Internet for the “Saboteur” game to order.

The circle of table-games’ fans is becoming wider!

P.S. If you have an interesting table game for teenagers or you know where to purchase “Saboteur” game, the youth of Maksimilyanovka village would be grateful to you for such a present! There is just one game could become the basis of the new club on interests’ establishment!

Victoria Antonova

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