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The truth, where is it! We only see the consequences

Urgent humanitarian aid for Avdeevka city


We are grateful to everyone who had provide us warm clothes, blankets, diapers and food for babies recently. All this the day before yesterday we have sent to Avdeevka, and additionally we had purchased candles and more warm clothes.

We were pleasantly surprised about organized and operational work of local administrations. This was the first occasion during these 2 years and a half when the regional authorities took the responsibility to organize the delivery of humanitarian assistance, evacuation, coordination of support from the local and international missions, volunteers, etc.

There only one concern that about of a dozen of villages, near the Avdeevka, are isolated from anu support. No one writes about them. The access is closed there. There is also no light, water supply and heating. No evacuation and support.

We have no information what is happening in Tonenkoye and Lastochkino, but in Vodyanoye and Opytnoye everyone is in place. If you have information that someone is providing support there, please, call our hot-line: +380665670016

Olga Kosse

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