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Our recent action with New Year’s presents showed that far not everyone understands whom we help and according to which principles we work. In advance I do ask forgiveness for my possible stiffness. But during the last 2,5 of work I am able to differ real people in need from pseudo ones, who once in a two-three months call over all the humanitarian organizations, demanding help as if it is their salary.

So, to the point.

We are not working on the non-government controlled areas since the February 2016 – nor in Donetsk, neither in Gorlovka or Yasynovataya… NOWHERE. And it was not our choice. We are not accepting applications from there, even if there is very hard situation, and the support is still really needed. We are not accepting because:

1) we are not authorized to work on this territory;
2) we can not endanger the beneficiaries and our employees who will bring “under the cover” such support.

We are working only with very hard occasions, when people have really to wait help from nowhere and their situation is nearing to collapse. No social category for this moment is a 100% guaranty of receiving help from us. Only after the complex analysis of situation we can say “Yes” or “No”. Let’s be honest before ourselves – the period of humanitarian catastrophe, when the support was required almost by everyone, had ended a year ago. There are couple of dozens of locations, which are still under the fire, but the issue on their survival are solved by ours and other humanitarian organizations.

If we ask our readers for help and announce a fundraising campaigns, it means that we had already worked with the family in need, we are aware about their problems and we had understood that we won’t be able to support them as it is required through our own efforts. We are not raising funds through non-checked stories, so you won’t make us by medicines/presents/food, etc., because “we have a similar problem”.

Can such approach be considered fair? Maybe not but it won’t be changed. Our resource for the support is directly connected with trust of those who provide funds to us. Loosing this trust we will also loose the opportunity to provide emergency support to those who had been left with his/her trouble alone, for whom the main thing is to “survive”, not to “snatch the part”. .

Olga Kosse

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