Street library from the Responsible citizens
Street library from the “Responsible citizens”

Timothy’s story


Timothy was born with some physical disabilities. Being 4 years old he had already passed through the 8 surgery operations. He has only 3 fingers on each of the palms.

When we came to meet the family, we were met by the happiest child. Stumbling, he was raising his hands and waiting for the welcome hugs.



And only in the next moment we had noticed his shoes which had really differed from the ordinary ones. The right shoe had a 10 cm sole.

Each year the length’ difference between the Timothy’s legs increases as the problem in whole. The one pair of shoes is enough for 2 (!) months and it costs 1 500 UAH. It can’t be found in Slovyansk city, each time the parents should order separate parts through the Internet and then the local shoe-maker joins them into the needed shoes.

The operation, through which there could be implanted a special equipment into the hip joint, can solve the situation. This equipment will correct the growth of the leg and make the difference equal. This operation costs 2 000 USD. The Ivanov’s family do their best to raise the needed amount. For now, they have already 750 USD.
The part of the amount we had also raised through our campaign-festival art-platform.India. Thanks to every not indifferent citizen of Kramatorsk city who had joined this action.

But we still need your support to help Timothy to stand up strongly on his both feet.

The bank details for the transfers:

PrivatBank 4149 6258 0948 1995 Yevgeniy Shybalov
Western Union transfers are also available on behalf of Ulyana Yegorova


P70717-140526 P70717-140606


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