Дружковский дом престарелых
Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.
The recovery towards peaceful life is in the activists’ hands.

They have moved from the dangerous Donetsk to more peaceful Ukrainsk city, but troubles were waiting for them there…


Citizens in front-line cities and villages have one calamity but each of them are unhappy in his/her own way. This week we have visited several families with children. They are always waiting for us and meet our crews with uncovered happiness. Children can’t wait to open packages to find presents which we provide them through your support.

A little boy, Alex – is autistic/ He lives with his mom and elder brother, who is also ill, in Druzhkovka. Their mother should take them regularly to the hospital and now uses the most part of social payment on children to cover the fares, because social benefits were canceled. The family should save on everything.

Yelena – is internally displaced person. She is bringing up 4 sons by herself and rents an apartment. They have moved from the dangerous Donetsk to more peaceful Ukrainsk city, but troubles were waiting for them there. For several times the electricity in this apartment caused fire through which they have lost the most part of their belongings they managed to bring from Donetsk. The elder son had left in Donetsk – he takes care about granny.

Vlad and Lena are living with grandmother in Novomikhaylovka village. They don’t have mom, and their father is not interested in his own kids. They don’t know where he is. Vlad has psychological illness, he needs rehabilitation. Grandmother is bringing her grandchildren on her own and is doing her best to provide kids for them to feel comfortable. But her pension doesn’t allow her to do this the way she really wants.

Svetlana – is an IDP living in Maryupol with her family. She and her husband have four kids. Old parents and her husband’s brother are also living with them. There are 9 (!) people in the apartment. This family is a great example that you are able to find a way out of any situation. Svetlana’s husband is a lawyer and now helps people who appeared in same as they did situation – he provides juridical support to IDPs.

Every family, which we visit, receives that attention and warmth, which you provide with your support. During these visits we have brought clothes, books and toys for children. We are grateful to each of you for your participation and assistance to the most vulnerable. Our special thanks to Nadia Petryk for the clothes with which we provide our wards.
Ulyana Yegorova

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