Ирина из-за войны переехала из Донецка в поселок Селидовского района - Кураховка
Families united with the war.
We are looking for baby carriage for two.

There is no perspective for the boys to go somewhere for the vacation – there is not enough money even to survive


Valentina is bringing up three grandchildren by herself.

The woman has the II group of sight-disability. Her income hardly increases 1 300 UAH per month. With such an amount it is rather hard to survive by your own and to provide three teens is moreover. Unfortunately, parents of those children are not interested in their corresponding upbringing and are living through their own life interests.

There were 6 children in the family, three children, the youngest, were adopted by other families.

The boys left with the granny, they are studying at school and help her around the house.

They are living in Yasnagorka village, near the Kramatorsk city. Now there are summer holidays, but there is no perspective for the boys to go somewhere for the vacation – there is not enough money even to survive.

– Today I have cooked the last fistful of cereal, I have no idea what I would have done tomorrow, if you wouldn’t come to us today. – Valentina says with tears in her eyes. – They have never visited any places, have seen nothing, I wish them the best but what can I do with the pension payments I have? – Sadness and grief never live woman’s eyes while she is speaking to us.

Today we have brought food, medicines and hygiene kits. We have also collected some clothing and shoes, which were sent to us by our indifferent towards vulnerable people friends and partners.

We will continue to support this family.

They still need clothing, shoes and food. Boys also need stationary, books and developing games.
If you want to help you can donate to any of our accounts or apply via hot-line: (066) 56-700-16, e-mail: ograjdane@gmail.com or personal massage to one of our Facebook group’ moderators. All the parcels should be send to Kramatorsk – h. 17, str. Ubileynaya, Novaya Pochta (“New Mail”) department No. 1.
Ulyana Zurkan

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