Daniil and his mother require urgent support
Humanitarian support is getting colored with children’ smiles!

The volunteer from Vancouver decided to help Donbass citizens


Many of us think that it is very hard to help people. You should require a lot of funds, time and means. But we can prove the opposite.

Not long ago we have obtained unordinary e-mail on our “Responsible citizens” e-mail box. The letter was from Vancouver student who is traveling around the world and wants to become volunteer in order to support people from the East of Ukraine. But, because he is a student and don’t have a lot of funds, he is ready to accomplish any kind of work.

We had answered him that we will be grateful for any kind of support and, if he doesn’t afraid of any complications, we will gladly accept him into our community. Frankly speaking, we were sure that everything will end up with this e-mailing. But, to our surprise, through the couple of days we had obtained another one e-mail informing us that Luke Porter is already in Kramatorsk, and he is ready to start working any minute.

Now he is traveling with us through the gray zone and helps us during the distributions. He also sorts clothes for the vulnerable that we receive from OKKO petrol stations’ company.

As the souvenir from Ukraine and for the memory about the time spent here, Luke will take with him to Canada three T-shirts from the #drawyourdreams collection.

I can’t stop been fascinated by the generosity of people. It is very inspiring that even people from other parts of Earth are interested in support and help providing to the people of our region who had suffered from the conflict.

I wish the example of this student would inspire each of You. I wish it would remind all of us that humanism, humanity, compassion, and kindness – are the main and the most necessary merits for every person. Using them we will be able to save peace around the world.

Ulyana Yegorova.

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