The center for elderly people and IDPs in Druzhkovka

The village of Kamiyanka


The village of Kamiyanka had suffered a lot during the active conflict. There are 162 people constantly living there, among them there are 15 children. About eighty people more are coming periodically to check upon their destroyed houses.

Despite the difficulties, 22 experienced people – initiative group of local citizens – have established repair brigade in order to conduct reconstruction works of destroyed houses through their own efforts. But their initiative and will are not enough for this. They have two main problems:

–          there is now corresponding equipment (it was demolished during the fighting);

–          there is now financial capacity to buy the new one.

In order to accomplish the works they require:

Chainsaw – 1 item

Trimmer – 2 items

Generator – 1 item

Wheelbarrow – 1 item

Saws for metal – 1 item

Ordinary saws – 2 items

Stepladder – 1 item

Bucket – 5 items

Axe – 2 items

Spades of different types – 10 items

The total necessary amount for the purchase of items mentioned above is: 15 075,00 UAH or 38 140,00 RUB.

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