Urgent humanitarian aid for Avdeevka city
“Responsible citizens”. Report on January 2017
“Responsible citizens”. Report on January 2017

The truth, where is it! We only see the consequences


We apologize for such a long absence of our publications. The unpredictable obstacles, connected with the conflict escalation in Avdeevka, took many of our time and efforts. At last we have managed to get to the Internet and we can share with you what we have seen and herd.

All this situation in Avdeevka showed, that during the last three years of the conflict we have learned to react fast at the different emergency situations. Many people and organizations had provided their help immediately to the citizens.

But, unfortunately, such nearest locations as Kamyanka, Vodyanoye, Pesky, Severnoye and Tonenkoye were leaved without attention. Only the smallest part of a total amount was provided to them, but they had suffered not less than Avdeevka. The people were cut from the life during all that time.

We had come to Kamyanka and Avdeevka, Lastochkino and Pervomayskoye with address help – hygiene, medicines and warm clothes, which is always not enough. There are not much places to buy it there and there are not much funds. Through the Petrol station’s net OKKO campaign, we have opportunity to help those in need. This time also Yuliya Zaliznaya had also sent us warm clothing. Thank you!

We had also brought presents to those whom we care about. The children’ whishes had changed a bit since we had published them. Slavik had asked the constructor instead of play station, because there are problems with electricity in the city and it won’t be possible to play with it. We had presented him a beautiful puzzle for 2 000 of details and electronic constructor, in which there 256 different models. To Slavik’s nephew, Ilya, we had brought baby walkers and developing game. Yulia Potapova and Alex Shtefan had helped us to purchase them.

Through the Alexander Khazanov and his friends’ support we had provided electronic tablet to Masha. The girl was dreaming to have a world library at home. She is reading and listening to the music all the time. Now the books and the music had become more available to her. We hope that it will help to widen her knowledge about the world.

Only though your contributions we have an opportunity to react fast on such problems.

Together with you we continue to do good things. Thank you all for your participation.

Ulyana Yegorova

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