Cherenkova Maryna. The history of arrest.
The seventh story. Part one.

The seventh story. Part two.

Марина Черенкова. Истории задержания

The war wakens up totally different society’ levels. The representatives of each (classes) have totally different motivation. And when several classes appear to be locked in one basement, it becomes mentally beneficial…

There were five of us. Four were from Donetsk and one from another region – the guy believed in ideology and devoted himself to “fighting”. I will call him “Big”, he was very tall and some kind of huge.

It is usually something amazing with us, “from Donetsk”. We even in a such awful circumstances were unconditionally shielding from the “Big” (I have already mentioned that “we” are the “new Jewish”). Everyone was very polite, was talking to each other, but in the same time felt that the “Big” is not a necessary chain in our conversations.

My other cellmates:

The Beautiful Woman with the Cat was not only educated and intelligent but also could keep the conversation. She never revealed her political views. And why she got here also have never been discussed. She was a doctor. The real one. Of a high qualification. That’s all I know. With her support we have gone through many situations much easier.

The “Ideologist” was “Donetsk” to the core. He was young man, graduated from the Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU), who have just started his career in metallurgy. He was so self-educated and cool that I was listing to him with my mouth opened.

“Cosmopolite” – very young man, without parents, brought up by his grandmother. It should be a separate story, I’ll write about him further.

And today – the “Ideologist”. This young man could have been an exclusively interesting companion for journalists. He did not just believed sincerely in everything, he was reading and studying the history of both countries, Ukraine and RF (Russian Federation).

The profession of metallurgist – was the basics he started with. Many people from non-industrial regions think that the working professions automatically means not high education level. But that’s not like that.

The “Ideologist” had clearly stated his thoughts and grounded everything he said.

Even in the basement the adherer of all “republican” ideas was talking about social equality and Donetsk revolution as the result of what was happening in Kiev.

It was very interesting to listen to him:

— Ok, come on, tell us before bedtime your “cool stories”.

— About what?

— How have you come to your views and everything, it’s interesting for me.

— Maryna, when I was pulling the trolleybus and saw people chasing bureaucrats from Donetsk regional council, I felt that it is a historical moment. By the way do you remember the person who gave a “magic kick” to the former regional governor, don’t remember his surname? So, that’s my friend.

— Oh, I don’t believe you…

— Yes, yes, we all were there near the administration building. I felt that the people have stood up and I am in the right place. But, initially, we went there just to watch.

— And I was there, and normally left the building. I remember the protestors didn’t believe me that I was a deputy, they were laughing at me. So. It means me and you were in the same place in the same time than. Amazing…

— But you are looking and behave rather strange, I wouldn’t have believed also. Why it’s so surprising?

— I am not speaking about this right now. So tell me, when have your views formed? The very moment is interesting for me.

— Its rather long story, Maryna. I have started to work at the plant when I was 18 years old, and I do clearly remember everything. When the owners used to come, everyone should have greeted them in the yard. They all came in the black “Mercedes” and exclusively tailored suits, we were eyeing them and laughing, though… Should we… Only old workers were not laughing…

— Why they won’t?

— Because they remembered the Soviet Union times, and told us that then the working class was a respected one.
“Cosmopolite” enters the conversation.

— And now, do the workers feel better, are they in respect?

— Hey “liberal”, stop the conversation or I’ll tell about this to investigator, – the “Ideologist” joked. – MGB’ people took you with a “celly” and went through your “VKontaktye” (“In contact”, Russian web as “Facebook”) massages. If you continue to speak this way – you’ll never live the basement.

The “Ideologist” speaks to me again:

— Maryn, when I entered the extra-mural course in DonNTU I really wanted to study. I really did. The profile courses were not interesting. But it was not important. We have all together inside our group decided not to give bribes to teachers and just study. In the next examination period, on the “left” module (“left” module – is non-profile module, not very necessary, for example, “art history” for metallurgists) the teacher wrote the number on the desk – the amount. We asked him what it was. We also told him that we initially didn’t need his module for this specific profession. The teacher honestly told us: “Each of you will pass the exam after paying this amount because I need to go to Crimea for the vacation”.

— He said it openly?! I can’t believe it…

— Yes, he did and he underlined that if there is no money no one will pass. And we all agreed that we will come to him as much times as it will require, but we won’t pay.

— And what happened?

— And we didn’t manage. He took us with his patience. Slowly, separate students started to leave the group, and payed him to pass. Everyone wanted just to finish this, you see? Everyone had his/her own life and different possibilities. The group started to “run”.

— Have you payed?

— Most of the students did, but I did not. I learned this bullshit and passed the exam. I hated him with all my heart for what he had done to us. I was not just angry but hated him. Is that clear?

It really was clear. Because when I was working as the deputy (not of the governor who was “magically kicked out”), I was responsible for the education and knew all the principals.

I was ashamed and felt awful.

I was the part of the system that was braking good young people. Not as tough as MGB but the meaning is the same.
Shame – that was all I felt after our conversation.

P.S. Dear friends, all my texts are revised by Yevgeniy Shybalov. Many times I have already told you that I am not the writer. Please, thank to Yevgeniy, I wouldn’t have written even a line without him.
Maryna Cherenkova

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