Cherenkova Maryna. The history of arrest.
The sixth story. Toilets, the cat and humanity.
Марина Черенкова. Истории задержания
The seventh story. Part two.

The seventh story. Part one.

Cherenkova Maryna. The history of arrest.

The seventh story. Part one.

About Donetsk’ character without the “hear Donbass” requests or what the ordinary guardian-soldier
dreams about.

“I don’t like insinuations; I’ve no taste for contemptible duplicity; I’m disgusted by slander and calumny. I
only put on a mask at a masquerade, and don’t wear one before people every day.” (Fyodor
Dostoyevsky, “The Double”, Chapter II)

I have already mentioned that I felt rather relieved when I found out that all the guardians are locals.

A little excursus.

From the beginning of the conflict “those” from Donetsk (the elite and attendants) had not fully estimated
its nature, and in a rather significant way.

I have insisted that inside the conflict at our home there is a depreciated fact of “social revolution”. I was
answered to this in such a way: “What are you talking about, you should know that our average salary
was rather high, it was less than in Kiev only”.

We absolutely do understand everything about “hybrid war”, and there are a lot of experts and analytics
on this topic.

But from the very beginning, and even now, I am surprised by the fact on such high denial of our Donetsk’
elites of “social revolution” possibility at home.

Those guardian’ reliefs which “took care about our security” – are the most powerful prove of not only the
“social revolution” fact but also the reasons why it did happen.

Yes, definitely, not without the intruding of another country, I will not argue about this. But the good
ground was prepared so everything could happen in this particular way.

Most (but not everyone) of the experts, journalists, state officials and Donetsk citizens, who had left the
region, had given definitions to those who had stayed:

1) peaceful citizen – are collaborators who support separatists;

2) armed people and people in authority system (de-facto it is there) – are half-educated, “wild” or
miserable lemmings.

Both definitions are so wrong that it always seemed to me that this is a protective response but not the
clear definition of those groups.

Or it can be arrogance of “total insanity” level.

“Who are all those people?” (author is unknown).

There were several guard’ reliefs. In the beginning they all wore balaclavas. The reasons why they
covered their faces became clear to me later.

When they understood who is sitting there sooner they stopped cover their faces.

Not very often but we had conversations. In most cases such occasions happened during the toilette
(shower) or food time.

I will mention an interesting fact: the prisoners and guards were fed with the same food.

One more interesting fact was that I haven’t been eating for 11 days. I was drinking only water explaining
to the guardians that I do not eat meat at all.

Firstly, they thought that I pretend. They put meat aside proposing only cereal to me.

Then, they told me that if anything happens to me it won’t work because chiefs don’t care.

Later, on the 12 th day, the guardians specifically asked someone for the food without meat for me.

Mainly ordinary soldiers gave me their salads and other dishes without meat.

The process of giving was followed with embarrassment in order to cover their kindness. They were
giving with a hidden happiness.

When I started to eat the happiness were not hidden already.
The Beautiful Woman constantly asked me how can I speak to them and find common issues.

I don’t know but it was easy for me. The difference between MGB employees and those soldiers (but
maybe they were still MGB employees) was huge.

The absence of lie,  straightforwardness, fast acting – this all is familiar to me, this is my Donetsk type of

Don’t laugh but I miss this straightforwardness without “peacock dancing” and expert verbiage.

One of the persons who took part in my release, Vladymyr Ruban, told me that I have “Stockholm

I decided not to argue because I respect this person. But he is not of a Donetsk mentality.
I don’t have those syndromes and I’ll explain you why.

The real conversation as a prove.
The dream of soldier-guardian. I am talking to him while I waiting for my turn to shower.

— Maryn, why have you done all this? You are on our side.

— Listen, what side are you talking about? I have done all this not by myself, it’s a lot of us here, we have
grown up here and done what we could. I would never take a weapon in my arms, can you understand

— Yes I can, but, f%ck, how could you make connections with ours on the top?

— But we have never worked with them, why should I make any connections with them to bring diapers
here? You are asking me such questions, I can’t understand you.

— No, but tell me, f%ck, what was in your head, you are not a fool, you have occupied such a position…
Why haven’t you left?

— I have parents here, would you leave yours?

— No, never. Listen, and do you have a, (bitch), dream?

— There is, but I will tell it if you won’t mention those words, it is not very pleasant for me. It seems to me
that you name me with those words.

— Oh, forget it, I can’t control it. So do you have a dream?

I told him my dream. He was silent for 15 seconds and smoked. Then he lifts his gaze at me and tells:

— Maryn, ask me what is my dream?

— “East”, what dream do You have?

— I want to open carpenters’ workshop together with my friend and do everything with my own hands. I
like wood a lot, you see, it is smooth, warm and controllable in work. Not every type of it, of course… And
I also would make furniture. What if the war ended and it would be possible to take out a loan… (all this
was followed by the words I asked not mention).

— Everything is possible, everything will end, “East”.

— Would you order a furniture in my company?

— If it would be of a good quality, why not? I don’t like it when it with “gold and diamonds”, but beautiful
wooden furniture without extravagance – is very possible.

— Maryn, you can refer to me as “you”. (Not “You” like in very polite manner).

— “East”, I won’t tell You “you”, we are not in the same position, when everything ends and we are all will
be free and at home, only then I will.

— We could go for a picnic together with our families, make some kebab… Oh, I forgot, you don’t eat
meat. Listen, then we can bake scomber, it is very tasty, you know?

— Yes we can, “East”, I know.

“East” is 29 years old. He believed then and he believes now that he is fighting for justice. He believes
sincerely. He doesn’t know such word combination as “social justice”, but he describes the meaning of it
better than any expert does.

Maryna Cherenkova

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