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We are happy to inform you that we had raised funds for children from Peredelskoye and directed them on the purchase of New Year’s sweet presents.

Month ago, when we were conducting humanitarian distribution there, village activists applied to us with a request to help them to purchase the presents for village children. The New Year’s celebration citizens had organized with their own efforts, which were not enough to make children happy with presents. After not long considerations how to help in this situation, we had started and active fundraising campaign.

We have conducted Games’ Libraries in ArtCafe Fiesta. We are grateful to Ludmila Sakhno, the head of the establishment, for such an opportunity provided and pleasant cooperation. Our games’ libraries were visited about 60 different participants. Among the most active there were Vasiliy Litvinenko, Alexandr Gradynskiy, Tony Hawk's, Tatyana Karpenko, Viktoriya Antonova, Daniil Antonchik, Anton Yelashuk, Inna Pelykh, Dmitriy Shybalov, Karyna Yefremova, Panteley Duglas, Yaroslav Chumakov, Ksyusha Suhorukova and many others.

Thank you for your participation and great time spent. All together we managed to raise about 2 500 UAH. We hope on new not less interesting and useful meetings, which will happen very soon. Follow the news.

Another amount (and it is 3 000 UAH) we have raised through the “drawyourdreams” (#рисуймечты) action. Separate thanks to our young painters and, specially, to Vera Ivanova – her drawing appeared to be one of the most popular.

This year the action mentioned had become an international – three t-shirts had gone to Canada, together with our friend Luke Porter, and another one is walking around somewhere in Germany. Moreover, two t-shirts are making happy the Irina Novikova’s family, three more will have a trip to Krivoy Rog together with Roman Kirizov, one – to Irina Shovkun from Odessa, and two more to Tatyana Tatyaniniva from Kiyev.

Thanks to each of you we have managed to make happy 107 children with New Year’s presents.

Let’s continue to be such simple for each of us, through our efforts and actions bring joy to those who needs it. We congratulate you with New Year’s holidays and whish happiness and miracles to your homes.

Ulyana Yagorova

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