Марина Черенкова. Истории задержания
The second story. The basement, brilliant people and new words.

The first story. Friday, Korean film and Ministry of DPR State Security. (hereinafter/or as it called by locals – MGB).

Марина Черенкова. История Задержания

The first story. Friday, Korean film and Ministry of DPR State Security. (hereinafter/or as it called by locals – MGB).

Maybe there are such people who apprehend trials of life and are prepared beforehand.

I am definitely not among them.

What the most people in Donetsk do on Friday evening? I don’t know.

But personally I was captured by the Korean film “For the Emperor” (2014) (Hwangjereul Wihayeo).


There are two reasons. The first one is that since 2012 I have been studding Korean language and history. The second is the actor Park Sang-jun – one of those whose works I like the most.

During two years of war neighbors got used to open doors to the block not looking into judas.

It is surprising but since the war came neighbors, and Donetsk citizens in whole, started to trust each other more.

Mainly that is why I have opened the door in two seconds after I heard the knock. I even did not get scared when the man’s voice told: “MGB”

Four people entered the apartment. All were men. Armed.

They told me that I should go with them.

I did not inspect them closely but two of them have attracted my attention.

The first one looked like Caucasian and immediately in my head (it works like this) I named him “Mtsyri” (its Georgian name from Russian M.Lermontov poem “the Novice”). Brunet, not tall, with olive eyes.

He was looking around, interested in interior of my apartment. In this moment he looked like a little boy in museum. He was touching walls. He was banging on them by his hands and that amused me for a moment.

The second one – was tall, very tall man of uncertain age – looked like Steven Seagal. But not with his face but with his stature.

Maybe in his past he was very sporty and cool. However, the time and metabolism have made their insidious deal.

The men of his age are living in the memories about their brilliant physical form of previous years. I guess, this was the same case.

As you have already understood, in my mind he was called – “Steven Seagal”.

And he was the one with whom I started the conversation.

SS: — Come on, let’s go.
Me: — Ok, but I need time to change.
СС: — It’s ok this way.
Me: — No. It’s not.
СС: — Why there are so many drugs in here?
Me: — My mother is ill. It all belongs to her. I am going to my bedroom and you, please, be kind and give me clothes which are hanging on the dryer.

Steven gives me my clothes through the half-opened door of the bedroom where I went to change. I am putting on my special knee-socks. Natalya Yemchenko presented them to me when she found out about my leg’ problems.

I really have medical problems with my legs that’s why I am usually dressing not in a very fast manner. Not in the way “MGB” representatives might have wanted.

SS:- What takes You so long there, what are You robing on?
Me: — I am putting on my knee-socks. (This moment in my head I had a proverb on Russian language rules on “robing” and “putting on”)
СС: — Do you  have varicosity? Are you healthy? (Steven flounders. Sometimes he calls me “You” in respectful manner, sometimes “you” like we have been known each other more than five minutes)
Me: —  Can’t you see that I am a sumo wrestler, I am healthy it’s obvious. Be patient, I will be fast as a “frisky hog”.

In this very moment the other voice said: “Take all your devices with you”.

It sounded to me like a push.

I used the moment to send the only one massage in our common Facebook chat: “I was taken to the MGB”.

There was no fear until this moment but after the massage was sent I heard the sound of my own heart beating.

Very frequent and loud.

It seemed to me that they there behind the door heard it too.

There was only one thought in my mind: “Mom. It’s good that she went to see dad and won’t see this”.


Maryna Cherenkova


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