The distribution of the winter and hygiene kits among the Starognatovka village citizens
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Holiday miracle for Yelena’s family

The first round on winter and hygiene kits distribution had been conducted


The first round of winter and hygiene kits distribution, in measures of cooperation between the NGO “Responsible citizens” and IOM Ukraine (International organization for migration).

In measures of the project the main attention was directed to the front-line locations of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The support was provided to the citizens of villages and locations of the village type situated near the front-line These are Semigorye, Novoluhanskoye, Opytnoye, Tonenkoye, Lastochkino, Verkhnetoreckoye, Staroignatovka, Pervomayskoye, Zoryanoye, Novotashkovskoye, Petropavlovka, Kryakovka, Trekhyzbenka, Peredelskoye and others. In total there were 21 populated points.

The hygiene, worm blankets and linens were provided to 2 000 of families.

All the recipients - are people belonging to the socially-unprotected categories of population. These are people above 70 years old, disabled, single-mothers, many-children families and chronically ill people.

The “Responsible citizens” are grateful to IOM for the provided support, and also the local administrations and local activists for their support in the distribution process’ organization.

Dmitriy Shybalov

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