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The first round on winter and hygiene kits distribution had been conducted

The distribution of the winter and hygiene kits among the Starognatovka village citizens


The NGO “Responsible citizen” and the IOM Migration Agency (The International Organization for Migration) are continuing to provide humanitarian support on the territories of the front-line zones of the Donetsk and Lihansk regions. On the last week the winter and hygiene kits were provided to the citizens of the Starognatovka village belonging to the Volnovakha region.

This is the one of the most hard-to-reach locations in the Donetsk region now. This is that rare occasion when the road to the point takes more time than the whole distribution session.

First of all – the conflict had change the geography of the region. All the straight roads were developed through the Donetsk city. So now the region appears to be divided on to North and South parts. They are connected with couple of kilometers of narrow villages’ roads in most cases not of a good quality.

Secondly: December weather was not late in arriving and everything got frozen very fast and confident.

The most positive part of the whole distribution – was the greatest self-organization of the local population. Thanks to our local activists leaded by the Maryna Yanovna, people were gathered in time (despite that we were late for 2 hours), with necessary proving documents, were not making crowd and scandals. Everything went fast and in a good atmosphere.

To sum up, after 10 hours’ trip and 2 distribution hours – 101 families more, residing on the front-line, had obtained hygiene, warm blankets and linens.

Dmitriy Shybalov

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