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The city in the grey steam


This post is devoted to people who after the two years of conflict still not stay indifferent towards people of Donbass.

Making trip to Avdeevka along the country road we had dived in the typical industrial city atmosphere. The gray steam of Coke-oven plant had surrounded our humanitarian car and reminded us that, aside from war, there are ecological problems.

People, living in this city, continue to work (who still has the employment), keep their household, take children to school and rest. Taking rest means to watch TV in the evening, hearing the blows in the same time.

Sportyvnaya street:
- How do you do?
- As usual. We just herd the shooting. Hurry up, after four o’clock the "holiday" begins.

Avdeevka is the edge point on the map of Government controlled territory. People form here move to the more “calm” cities. But there are also a lot internally displaced people living in this city.
For example, from suffered Opytnoye village.

Only through your support people from the front-line areas still have faith for better and in people. Only thanks to you we have opportunity to make, maybe not big, but input into providing basic needs of these people.

From all the staff of “RC” we are saying “THANK YOU” to your support and compassion. This is humanity – to take care about others.

In Avdeevka there were delivered clothing, medicine and hygiene kits, and also diapers.

Our separate gratefulness to the OKKO company and everyone who put their clothing in special boxes.

Victoria Antonova

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