The village of Kamiyanka
Дети о войне
“Children at war”

The center for elderly people and IDPs in Druzhkovka


The center for elderly people and IDPs in Druzhkovka urgently requires repair of ventilation system.

There are 27 people residing on its territory now. Ten of them are recumbent patients.

Through the actual absence of ventilation, the walls of the two-storied building are constantly molding.

This fact significantly increases the exposure to diseases and contributes to the complication of chronic ones among the pensioners and IDPs residing there. Employees had developed a cost sheet. All the repairs will be done through their own efforts and under the support of indifferent citizens of the city.

The necessary amount for all the materials purchase is 29 890.00 UAH. Part of this sum – 10 thousand of UAH – the center’ employees have raised by themselves.

They even started to prepare for the installation process. But in order to complete all the repairs in building, which appears to be the only one and final abode for dozens of our countrymen, the total amount is needed.


Through our efforts in the rooms, where there are living 58 persons, 30 of which are old people, there appeared a ventilation system. In those corners where it was fungus before, now there are glisten ventilation pipes.

This project is finished on 80%, the input is 20 000 UAH. There left to equip several rooms in a right part of the building. There are needed 10 000 UAH more. The most part of works is accomplished, there is left a little part of them.

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