Responsible citizens. Report on September 2016.
Poverty is no vice

Support to Oksana, suffering from Cerebral palsy


Oksana is 6 years old. But, despite the age, she still cannot walk, the little girl is suffering from Cerebral palsy.

The family is living in Staroygnatovka village. The child needs constant care that’s why her mom doesn’t work. Oksana is living together with her mom, grandmother and grandfather. The only one who earns money in the family is granny.

Since her birth, the Oksana’s relatives are taking her rehabilitation centers, where the little girl passes different treatment courses, which support her health and development. All these procedures cost a lot.

Now it is time to pass through the next therapy course but the family has not enough funds for this. The treatment is planned to take place in Truskavez.

The Responsible citizens managed to raise the part of the needed for the trip amount, but there are still needed 6 000 UAH. If the total amount won’t be raised, Oksana will miss the course she requires so much.

Ulyana Yegorova

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