Timothy’s story
Campaign on funds and materials raising for schoolchildren

Street library from the “Responsible citizens”


Providing of conditions for the society development and youth’ support – are one of our tasks. Places where people can meet, talk, discuss their ideas, problems and find common ways of their solving – are one of the options to develop a dialogue in the society.

Many ideas can be found in the books which are now available through the street library from the “Responsible citizens” on the Stud Parkovka / Краматорськ, that was initiated by the  FreeUa — креативний простір, under the UNDP Ukraine / ПРООН в Україні Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Anyone can share his/her books and take any which he/her would like from the street library.
Read, learn, share and spread the knowledge obtained for the benefit of society.


Ulyana Yegorova

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