Locals applied to us with unusual request. They asked for… chainsaw.
Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.

“Strange things are happening on our ship” (с)


“Strange things are happening on our ship” (с)

In Zaycevo village there appeared some people, providing UN humanitarian aid, and stated that they are the representatives of… NGO “Responsible Citizens”!

That fact was placed on record by media. Journalists of “Leviy Bereg” (“Left shore”, saw when the citizens of Zaycevo village were provided with fodder corn and wheat.

On the journalists’ question where does the distributors work, they have answered – “Responsible Citizens”.

That is why we officially declare:

  1. We have never been to Zaycevo village. We are planning, but we never managed yet.
  2. We do not organize mass-distribution process. Our assistance is individual and address.
  3. We are not distributing UN humanitarian cargos.
  4. People on the photos from the article have never worked in the NGO “Responsible Citizens”.

P.S. Journalists promised to provide us with a photo of a young man who named himself the representative of “RC”. When it happens we will publish his photo and ask you to help us to recognize and find our “new colleague”.

It is very interesting for us who he is and why he is doing like that.

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Yevgeniy Shybalov

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