Second book for blind Arthur
Help to gather the money to buy hearing aid for Kirill

Сorset Chenot for Roma


On the “Biotechnic” in Kharkov the doctor had stated:
– You have the incorrect interpretation of the X-ray photograph. You need operation.
Its appeared that Roman had not the third but the fourth degree of scoliosis.
There had appeared an opportunity to visit a Sitenko Institute (Институт Ситенко).
Roman had gone through the doctor’s examination and professor’s consultation. The
conclusion was the only one – the operation.
200 000 UAH for the operation. Such operations are not financed by the Government.
The new corset Chenot was bought just in time. It won’t allow the illness to progress
and will reduce the degree of curvature. The higher degree means the higher success
of the operation.
We had obtained the feedback from doctor, from Liman, on our previous post. Now
Roman had obtained officially stated disability. His family is very grateful for the fair
decision of this problem.
If you can provide your financial or information support to Roman, here are the
Hot line: +38066-567- 00-16.
The transactions are possible in UAH, RUB or other currency.
The details can be provided in personal massages to Victoria
P.S. A big thanks for the corset and trip to Yelena Gennadievna, Olga Shebeda, Alex
Shtefan, special attention to Albert Albertovich from the RC team and Roman’s family.

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