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She managed to get children out from the classroom and saved them. But didn’t manage to save herself


The citizen of Zaycevo village of Bakhmut district, Alla, got under the shelling far before this war.

Ten years ago, in a former Artemovsk city, the emergency situation happened on the local ammunition warehouse near the school.

Alla was working as a teacher that time. In that far day no one was having a thought about war, that is why what happened then was a great shock! During the ordinary pupils’ day, the explosions started near the school. The windows were blown out. Children were evacuated under the non-stopping cannonade. She got her pupils out of the school and saved them all. But didn’t saved herself.

Through such a stress the diabetes developed. As a consequence, the gangrene started on the one leg. The doctors didn’t manage to save it and warned Alla that the other leg may be also taken off. And it happened during some years later. During the last six years she moves only on the wheelchair under the support of her relatives.

Now Alla got used to the explosions, shooting and ammunition’ noise. She only hears it. Through the developing diabetes her sight decreased significantly. Nothing will help to renew it on this stage.

To support health in this state, Alla takes 6 kinds of medicines every day. She lives with 94 years old mom, who takes care of her disabled daughter, but needs support and assistance herself. Their only income are two pensions and social payments on disability. These are only enough to buy medicines and… nothing else. For the purchase of goods and something of detergents they have to save.

We provided this family with medicines but only for this month. We are grateful for everyone who supports us with donations. And also big thanks to you from Alla! We will visit them again.

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Thank you once again!
Dmitriy Shybalov

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