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“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.

“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.

During the August 2016 more than 130 families from Donetsk and Luhansk regions received our assistance.

Our special attention, as it was before, was paid to the front-line zones. In our focus there were such locations as Maryinka, Krasnogorovka, Kamenka, Semihorye, Tonenykoye, etc.

We have provided these families with hygiene, clothes, diapers for adults and kids, medicines, household goods.

The main beneficiaries’ categories covered in August were – retired; disabled; many-children families; single mothers in a tough life situation; IDPs.

In most cases, we are trying to help those who are not covered by the other humanitarian organizations.

The RC workers provided 11 lectures on mine awareness. Among the 320 participants there were employees of utility services of the Donetsk region, IDPs and citizens of the dangerous locations of our region.

The total amount raised and spent on the assistance providing through the activities of “Responsible citizens” volunteer group is about 13 000 UAH. Those funds were used for the purchase of medicines, hygiene, diapers for kids and stationary for children.

Aside of this, there was provided support in children playground’ reconstruction of Selidovo city. There were purchased an equipment on amount about 1 000 of UAH.

We have also received 360 kg of clothes, books and linens in cooperation with OKKO petrol company.

10 kg of stuff through private assistance from those who support us constantly.

The employees and volunteers of “Responsible citizens” are very grateful to those who support us. Thank you for your assistance to our compatriots and for being not indifferent towards problems of other people!

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