Reciprocity on the war.
The son with schizophrenia is taking care of his recumbent mother.

Responsible citizens have started cooperation with petrol company “OKKO”


This month we have started to cooperate with petrol company “OKKO”

As the result, there is held the collecting process of clothing, shoes, books, stationary on two petrol stations in Kiev, which then are provided to our organization. And we, in our turn, are delivering this help to our beneficiaries in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This Monday we have picked up all things collected during two months – and that is to full containers with things of 300 kg total weight. On Monday all this cargo has went to our office in Kramatorsk, and from there it will be delivered addressable to most vulnerable families of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

If you want to join this initiative, you can bring your assistance to any of “OKKO” petrol stations at the next addresses:

— 2a, Gen. Vatutin str.,
— 8, River Dnepr Quayside str.

We are grateful to our partners from “OKKO” petrol company for their initiative and we hope that together we will manage to support Donbass citizens, who suffered through the military conflict, more effectively.


Olga Kosse

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