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Holiday miracle for Yelena’s family
Gratefulness from Slavyansk

Reliving emotional pressure

Дети Каменки на мероприятии Ответственных граждан

New Year’ holidays – is a time of miracles and interesting adventures. That’s how the events on psychological and social rehabilitation for the front-line children, held by the “Responsible citizens” in cooperation with the international donor, can be named.

This is the trip to world of fantasies, harmony and internal peace. Every child chose where he/she wants to go: blooming garden, a mysterious island, the space. Different tasks and activities help children to relive emotional pressure and, even for not a long time, to reduce psychological stress, obtained through the events occurred.

During the event held, the participants reveal their best qualities, studding to overcome hard obstacles, support those who are near. Children themselves find opportunities to hear and understand each other, come to the agreement, work in a team. These qualities are also necessary for many of us. It is very important those times to understand each other and explain own point of view not through the conflict.

This time our team had visited Kamenka village, Donetsk region. All the participants had obtained a lot of positive emotions and good mood, an opportunity to forget about fear of reality and, the main – the way to go out from the stress situations and joint problems’ solving.

And, as it should be during the New Year’ season – every child had obtained a sweet present from Ded Moroz!

Ulyana Yegorova

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