The first distribution of winter and hygiene kits was conducted in Novoluhanskoye and Semigorye.
Daniil and his mother require urgent support

Rehabilitation course for Oksana in Truskavec


We are happy to inform you about Oksana, for whom we have been raising money in September this year.

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The little girl is already in Truskavec and the doctors have already started the next therapy session. Everything goes perfect for now.

Parents are very delighted with the fact the whole needed amount was raised for this course – it is decisive in the recovery progress of their little girl. All the family members can’t stop their admiration towards generosity of peoples’ hearts and are very grateful to everyone who contributed their support.

For this moment all the funds are raised and the family doesn’t require any more of the support. But the good thoughts and wishes for recovery are still necessary for the girl.

We are very grateful to all our friends, who help us to support such families that require it. Our special attention to Maria Starikova Fadeeva. Her contribution in this fundraising for the Oksana’s recovery was very significant.

Ulyana Yegorova

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