She is two years old and he is seven months old but they speak one language.
Responsible citizens have started cooperation with petrol company “OKKO”

Reciprocity on the war.


We have a good friend who constantly sends us parcels with medicines. This is rather significant assistance and, when we have been working in Donetsk, we managed to cover 150 families with such amount.

I remember how we brought all this on the non-controlled territory and now I am shocked with an absolute reckless it was. But we were not thinking about it then. The main purpose was to bring vital medicine in time. Not to be late.

We are always grateful to our donors for their help, but, in most times, we just don’t know how it is hard for them to do this on the constantly. Most of them have their own problems, but it doesn’t stop them from giving their sometimes last thing to us.

So, our friend, whom I mentioned earlier, is one of them.

— Hi, Olga. Are you ready to send medicines? Can we agree on cash on delivery? There are approximately 5 kg, it is about 50-60 UAH. And I have about 70 UAH in my pocket. It rather tough financial situation now unfortunately…

— Hi. Yes, of course. We will pay delivery. Thank you. Maybe you require any help which we can provide to you?

— Oh, thank you. I’m very touched. We manage somehow with the food. As for the medicine – we have insurance. We required some shoes for our smallest one but I was promised to be helped. Thank you once again!

— Please, tell me which shoes and what size. Maybe we will work something out….

I like very much when, with our donors and partners, there works a principle of reciprocity. We have found and sent sandals, and in this very day have received a parcel with medicines for our beneficiaries.

So expectantly we managed to increase the “utility ration of our work”. And that is a very pleasant moment.


Olga Kosse

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