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Ray of light in the darkness

Тоненькое Украина Ответственные граждане привезли помощь детям

It happens that in the darkest and impassable thicket there are blossom the most beautiful flowers. Or through the thick asphalt, in the middle of the squire there are punched a few blades of grass.
Sometimes it happens that something beautiful and bright conquers greyness, and develops despite the obstacles.

So, in Tonenkoye village, situated on the very front-line, we have discovered something very marvelous. Among the chaos, constant shelling, far from the normal life there are ten children living. And I have never met anyone brighter and kind then them.

They were not broken buy the horror of war – they do understand what is happening and have resigned with it. They are trying to support each other. They are not spoiled. They are grateful to every small thing you give them. Even if you come with nothing they are just happy about the visit. They just like guests.

We have brought clothes and stationary for school to them. We are grateful to OKKO petrol company for the things provided. Our special attention to Olga Gladnieva and our friends for the funds provided for the stationary purchase.

Children were preparing a concert specially for our visit. From the very first poem about the war the eyes became full with tears. Children brought in their soles and feelings in this performance.

Listing to the way how the poems about war are read during the veterans’ parades and days of memory at schools, you’ll not feel the same in this very case. Those children read them in another way. They are not trying to find a proper intonation. They don’t need it. They have gone through every word they say that reflects in them with pain inside.

Dmitriy Shybalov

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