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Poverty is no vice


On the “Responsible citizens” hot-line there was received an ordinary application: medicines and clothes. Having taken everything required we went to the address and was discouraged with what we saw.

Tatyana is a disabled. Through the war she had to leave her home in Makeyevka city. Last year she had lost her mother. Now she is living with her boyfriend which she met in Kramatorsk, where she is living now. He, in his turn, takes care about his beloved and tries to provide her.

But when we have got to the yard of the house we were shocked by the amount of garbage there. The corners of the hose were covered with spiderwebs, empty boxes, packages, bottles were everywhere. The couple rents this house and the owner also lives there, and nobody cares about cleaning.

We could not understand how people can live this way! And they just answered us: “We have no time for cleaning. And for what?”

Poverty is no viсe. Many people had appeared in tough life situations but it is not the excuse for not taking care of yourself.

Does anyone know how to motivate people to continue the normal living? How to help them to live their comfortable state of mortal existence and perspectiveless of life?

Ulyana Yegorova

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