This year the kids from some families will not go to school.
“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.
“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.

Pervomayskoye village. The peace and the war

Дмитрий Шибалов Ответственные Граждане

Pervomayskoye is situated 15 km from Donetsk city. Before all this the life of the village was straightly connected with a million-city. Local was working in Donetsk, taking children to school, youth was studding there in universities. The time of travel was about 15-20 minutes. Now only the military equipment is moving this road.

Wealthy people from Donetsk were building houses for spending holidays here. That’s why simple small village houses are in a contrast with “new house”.

Now the village looks like an ordinary front-line location. Damaged houses, empty streets. Every house in Pervomayskoye has a note on it “People are living here”, “Children are living here”. And those houses, whose owners had left and never returned, have new “owners”.

There is no drinking water, only technical. We think with horror about the fact that all the citizens of the front-line locations for several years are drinking and cooking food with dirty and not useful for this water.
There are no pharmacies, ambulatories and doctors here. Emergency is coming from Selidovo. Not every time successfully.

There is no work here. The only hope – is harvest from the garden.

There are a lot of people here: there are many single-mothers with newborn, many bedridden disabled and retired, many of those who decided to stay because it’s their home. Even without water, any support and new neighbors.

They are all living in a constant expectations – every night they hear the shooting from Pesky village (5 km from Pervomayskoye) – the front-line can move.

And they are all waiting that someday the road will be opened again or there will appear a new one, which every morning they will use to get to the city of a million citizens.


Olga Kosse

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