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She managed to get children out from the classroom and saved them. But didn’t manage to save herself

People’s stories which inspire.


There are different stories on beneficiaries. Unfortunately, not all the beneficiaries are using provided for their families’ benefit. For example, some careless parents change the kids’ clothing for the alcohol. Some of people take what was provided to their old parents to sell it and buy alcohol. And when you face such music your enthusiasm collapses. You start to understand that such people don’t want to leave their cozy abyss drawing in their relatives with them.

But there are opposite examples. Examples which inspire. Examples which remind you why you have started the humanitarian activity and the reasons you continue to do this.

Today we have visited Zaycevo village in Bakhmut district (former Artemovsk district). We have met Ivan. He has the 1st disability group.

He doesn’t have one leg and there are 7 bolts and supporting metallic intramedullary pin in the other. He moves only in wheelchair. In the same time, he cares about his paralyzed wife.

Moving on the wheelchair, he works in the garden, prepares food, makes laundry, cleans the house. He feeds and washes his paralyzed wife. His neighbor brings him necessary groceries.

— It’s easier for me to work than to sit and wait for help. I just sent the laundry to the wash machine. Now I’ll make cleaning, – Ivan says.

Ivan lives in such regime for several years. And he never gives up. And doesn’t wait for mercy. He doesn’t need anyone to maintain him or constantly support. He supports himself and his wife.

We have brought hygiene, medicines and disposal diapers. But for the simplification of his life he says he needs toilet-chair and shower-chair. These are the specific equipment for disabled people. Ivan also needs new wash-machine. He didn’t ask for it but we really think he needs it.

Such people are not rear in the region. They usually can count only on themselves. If you have an opportunity to help this family, we would be very grateful to you.

To support them you can donate. And also thank you for the repost of this story!
Dmitriy Shybalov

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