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The only one opportunity for us to remain human beings – is to continue providing help to people and work with those who have lost their hopes to find one.
This post of mine is not about war nightmares but about global indifference that, in some case, is more awful than war.

Opytnoye. The village between Avdiivka and Donetsk.


Opytnoye. The village between Avdiivka and Donetsk.

To get there you should drive through the bypass road around Donetsk.

As we found out later, this road – is the so-called “delimitation line”.

It is also called “ribbon” by locals.

To get to Opytnoye you should “follow the ribbon”.

Almost two years citizens of Opytnoye are receiving very sad and hard experience. The experience of surviving on the front-line.

Only several of dozens of citizens are staying here. Others have gone away. The number of killed is unknown till today.

There is no water supply, energy or gas. The generator is started several times a day for mobile phones charging. The source of water is the only one well. Locals say that the water from it is not suitable for drinking but no one thinks about it already. There is no other water source anyway.

Every day of life here is a risk. Even to get to Avdiivka to make necessary purchases you should “follow the ribbon”.

Citizen help each other. Those who are younger (the average age of the local citizen is 45-50 years), instead of old ones visit Pension fund and other social institutions in Avdiivka as their representatives.
– I have collected documents from our old citizens and went to the institution. There I was told – “your territory belongs to the non-controlled by Ukrainian government arias.”  But where do we belong then? I terribly quarreled with them, – Dima, the citizen of Opytnoye, told us.

Ill people from there are delivered to Avdiivka though as injured during fighting.

Life in such conditions puts its stamp: even relatively young people are suffering from diseases of nervous system and heart.

The first aid cargo from us to Opytnoye delivered fuel for generators, hygiene and disinfection products.

And we are sure – it is not the last one….

Yevgeniy Shybalov


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