Colorful holiday in Marynka
Despair kills as a weapon.

One hundred of medicine boxes for Staroignatovka


The car was overloaded with cargo.

100 of medicine boxes. 14 stationary kits. 3 huge packages with clothes and diapers!

All these we had brought to Staroignatovka last week. Everything was unloaded in the local “Humanitarian Office” and the distribution according to the beneficiaries’ lists was started immediately.

The process was organized on the highest level, as in a passport office. Everyone was entering due to his/her que with the necessary documents, identified in the lists, photographed, put signature and, while living with the aid, asked the next one to enter…

The process looked like trained, although Marina (our activist) said that the aid is very rare in this region. And this is true. All the reasons were described in the previous post.

We are very grateful to All who participated in fundraising on those medicine boxes purchase, and also to OKKO company for the organized action on clothes’ gathering for the most vulnerable. And also to all those, who stay not indifferent towards other’s problems: Afina Haya, Alex Shtefan, Yevgeniya Hvorost, Igor Nazarov.

Danyl Antonchik

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