The New Year in Peredelskoye
Urgent humanitarian aid for Avdeevka city

One day of a humanitarian employee


10 hours on the road and 5 hours of distribution.
Sometimes we have to overcome some obstacles on the way to our beneficiaries.

This is the ordinary day of humanitarian employee.
Waking up at five a.m. Fast gathering and tea instead of breakfast.

We are having our way to the storehouse. While boys are involved in loading, the girls, after finishing something around as “printing” and “counting”, have the opportunity to ride on a deadhead between the metal supports.

And again the rout though the roads called “Kill the chassis”. We are not wasting time during the trip
— Let’s speak English, guys! — usually Ulyana Yegorova proposes. We are practicing.🙂

Ames with words — is a great way to fill in your brain with information and train the gyrus in attempt to be creative.

After sitting for five hours the physical activity is very necessary – it is time to unload cars.

And the most interesting starts. The conversation with people to whom we had come with the only aim – to help.

Hundreds of stories about people’s lives are going not near but though us. The words of gratefulness are coming from those who had obtained first aid’ support. But that’s not the only one what is left for us. Jam and pickles – are presents with which we are going home. There is no opportunity for us to refuse. People make us to accept. So we have some store of vitamins for winter.

In Petropavlovka village after the distribution the warm dinner waits for us: homemade pasta, pies and vareniki – are the little part of a menu. Village’ citizens are very hospitable. We are grateful for this!
Aside from the warm words we also hear complaints, cries and sometimes even curses of those, who wasn’t included into the beneficiaries’ list.

We are back at home through the same bitten roads, sometimes traveling in the darkness without GPS signal on the village roads.
And about 11 p.m. at home we are drinking tea with a raspberry jam from our grateful beneficiaries…

No-no, not every day of the humanitarian worker is so long. This is one of a thousand variants of our activity. But mainly such examples, maybe, will allow you to understand how useful and maximally effective we are trying to be.

I hope, we won’t be judged by those who were not included into the lists of beneficiaries. We really would like to help everyone in need, but not everything depends on small citizens.

Once again we want to thank to Petropavlovka citizens for their contribution into our winter delicacies’ collection!

Victoria Antonova

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