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Oksana can already move by herself


We are not dare not to write about those good words that Oksana’s family, whom we helped to pass though the rehabilitation course, express to everyone.

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The girl had already back at home and the results didn’t take long. The little girl is already moving by herself. She is happy about the fact that now she can go to the kindergarten and meet her friends. Her mother and her granny can not hold back their tears of happiness and words of gratefulness when they see as their child tries and manages to overcome obstacles on the playground.

Oksana is preparing to meet a New Year, she is waiting for the Ded Moroz (Rus.; Santa Claus), but she is not asking for any presents. The only thing she is asking the bearded magician to present her is: “Let every mother, granny and children on the whole Earth will be healthy”

On behalf of this family, ones again we express our gratefulness to Maria Fadeeva and to everyone who took part in the fundraising campaign. The next course should be in a 6 months’ term. Its price is 16 000 of UAH. We hope that after it everything will become even better.

If you want to support the girl and congratulate her with New Year, you can get in touch with us or transfer the funds to one of the mentioned below bank cards with a notification “Ксения” (“Kseniya”):

1)For the transfer around Ukraine from the private person:
PrivatBank card - 4149 6258 0948 1995, owner – Yevgeniy Shybalov.
PUMB card - 4283 0802 0059 5447, owner – Dmitriy Shybalov.
The bank transfer details in national currency for the card’ account № 26256975914036.

2) For the international transfers (including Russia)
In Russian rubles:
Yandex.Money - 410013045014945

Ulyana Yegorova

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