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Distribution of hygiene and winterization kits in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

New Year’s presents for the front-line children


We have been choosing the most-most vulnerable ones – there are 19 of them. Every day we will write a story about one of them and his/her family so you’ll be able to get to know about them more. Then you’ll have an opportunity to choose one and provide your present.

I should admit that we have been developing the list of 19 children during 2 weeks! Why did it take so long?

These are all very special children. Sometimes it was very hard to understand what they are dreaming about. When they were asked straightly about the presents they want they were answering – wood/coal for their house heating, nebulizer or some winter clothes (it is in their 5-7 years old). Our first list of presents looked like the ordinary humanitarian needs assessment report. But during some time later children started to share their dreams with us. “if there was warm at home and if my mom was healthy I would like…”.

We understand that many of presents are expensive, but these are real children’ dreams which their parents are unable to fulfil. We want to present children their dreams, to present what they don’t really expect and are embarrassed to ask their parents.

It is very easy to fulfil a child’ dream:

1) You should follow the link and open this DOCUMENT
2) To choose the child and write your contact details.
3) To write a personal message to our coordinator Ulyana Yegorova. She will send you all the necessary data and explain the easiest way to child’ dream.

Of course, we would like someone of you to choose and send the present to the specific child by yourself, but we do understand that not everyone has such an opportunity. That’s why we have made a decision to accept the money transfers and order presents by ourselves.

We hope that you will become the real magicians for our little friend this New Year!

For the 28.12.2016

Dear friends, we are VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU ALL for your participation and support in the children’s dreams’ fulfilment. You are the real magicians!

During 4 days you have managed not only provide 19 announced presents but to make happier 9 children more! We have added them into the list for you to see which child you have supported. There also a separate column added with status of the present proved (we have already received the present or necessary amount for it purchase) or it is still in the process of delivery.


Thank you for the support provided to us and those whom we care about. Thank you for the inspiration and faith in good. Soon there will appear happy photos with our little friends whom you had presented their New Year’s dream❤

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