“Responsible citizens”. Report on October 2016
“Responsible citizens”. Report on NOVEMBER 2016

“Military city” Mayorsk


Mayorsk. We have come to this “military city” the day the check-point was moved to another place. The passport control now is situated in the very center of the village near the only one shop, which, in the same time, is the club and place for children’ leisure time spending, the local Administration and the humanitarian aid’ distribution point. This place is really the Mayorsk’ center of life.

The way to the shop is decorated according to the nowadays realms – flower boxes made of shells’ sleeves with faded flowers. For some locals the shop is the only income source. As this is the only place of employment here.

There now centralized water and heat supplies. Locals have to buy water as all the natural sources are dirtied and there are now opportunities for their cleaning.

We had provided aid to local citizens, who appeared in a tough life situation through the war, inside the shop. Many of them had lost their jobs and, as a consequence, means for living.

We have brought diapers for children and adults to 14 families. Several boxes with warm clothing. Some toys for kids. Thanks to everyone who helps us to provided necessary things. Our special thanks are to Дария Баранова, Vinod Kumar and ОККО petrol stations’ net.

Daniil Antonchik

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