The playground for children in Selidovo.
New Year’s presents for the front-line children

Medicine box for Starognatovka village.


It is rather hard to get to Starognatovka village. Absence of roads! Moreover, the village is on the front-line. The nearest location is Novogrigoryevka. That’s why the humanitarian assistance is very rare here. But the situation is tough here. The issue is not about the damages brought by the war.

The citizens themselves have taken the challenge on the humanitarian aid falling in the “right hands”. There are no reasons for the feast. There was provided a room and everything now is controlled though the documentation. Who is the beneficiary? What kind of assistance? What are the needs?

Now in Starognatovka and Novogrigoryevka villages about 1500 of citizens, among them:

109 of disabled,
25 single-mothers,
5 many-children families,
32 IDPs,
385 retired, above 65 years old.

For all those people there is NOT EVEN ONE pharmacy. They need to travel to Volnovakha city for the purchase of “green” antiseptic though the off-road conditions. There is 1 bus at 6:00 a.m. from Starognatovka, and at 12:00 p.m. – back from Volnovakha city. Sunday is a holiday.

Citizens are asking to bring medicine boxes with ordinary items:

“Green” - antiseptic,
“Validol” – fin case of heart attacks,
“Valeriana” – sedative medicine,

The cost of such medicine box is not more than 60 UAH. But there are 200 of them needed. The total amount is 12 000 of UAH.

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